Sustainability reporting is all about expertise and data engineering done by market leaders.

  By Dominik Szeląg From the business perspective, the current movement toward climate neutrality and associated new reporting policies are an opportunity. It is not just about being a greener, compliant company, but also about deeper analyzing and reorganizing its operations to find more efficient and cost-saving solutions. To achieve this, businesses need one manageable […]

Sustainability strategy and compliance are all about focusing on the data

  By Dominik Szeląg In a current dynamic situation in the European Union where new environmental policy obliged businesses to shift into net-zero transformation, it seems that the critical element is to find IT data-driven solutions. Not just to be transparent and fully compliant with regulations but also to build a sustainable strategy with measurable […]

Energizing ESG with Open Data and Power BI

  By Wojciech Bąk For many of my sustainability projects, the main issue was to find a benchmark for ESG measures and KPIs. How can you tell if your organization is operating responsibly if you lack information on the usual rates of emission, water usage, or effects on the regions and societies around you? How […]