Our BI helps your business grow faster

In Clouds On Mars we accelerate fact based, accurate and fast decision making by delivering the right insights to the right people at the right time.


Automatic alerting on the trends you care about
Pre-built dashboards and reports
Greater visibility to drive rapid change


End-to-end operational line of sight
Providing insights that drive action
Free up time for strategic analysis


Collaborate on the go with mobile apps
Dashboards and visualizations with 360° views
Integration with your day-to-day tools

Innovative solutions and products


We focus on enabling success of our clients by understanding their operations and providing tailored solutions and services leveraging BI and data science.



Power BI

Power Apps

Actionable Analytics

Machine Learning

Process Automation

Cloud Computing

Our Portfolio

Using Microsoft technologies we help our clients to make their everyday decisions. In work or private life, we help everybody by making the decision process simpler, faster and better.

Data integration and management

Consistent business information
Automated data integration
High data quality

Data analysis and reporting

No more manual reporting
Faster decisions
Improved results

Cloud Solutions

High savings from start to finish
Easy to modify to meet your expectations
Improved flexibility of your business

Our Power BI Solutions

While we have experience in broad range of technologies our current focus is on

Power BI, Azure Machine Learning and full stack of Azure Cloud technologies.

Insurance Sales

Brand Management

Retail Monitoring

Supply Operations

Twitter Analysis

Social Media Monitoring

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