Maybe it’s only me but I often see that „UX/UI Designer” fraze is used like a magic spell on clients. What do I mean by that? From mine perspective, still many people can’t see the difference between those two subjects of design and today I want to give you a short explanation.




You can see human silhouette on the left-hand side, there is a spotlight also. On the right, we have space for maybe text information, with some points down below. There is also a graph, and big „plus” icon.


This is User Interface Design – basically, it’s all about bringing ideas to life. Where to put graphics, where to put text etc.


Besides everything you can see in this example there is an invisible part of the design, where before you start working on your project you shoud think about the viewer. In this case, graphic on the left is corelating with information on the right. Place for text also has different sizes depending on the value of information. Spotlight on human body  corresponds to information on the right, there is plus button also.


This is User Experiance Design – how to guide user to make sure that they see everything in correct order, how they will feel, and how they will react to our design.


I know that I hardly scratched the surface of the topic but I think it’s a good starting point to explore and find out more about our work as UX/UI Designers 😉.

Greg Stryjczak