Sales – Analytics and BI (8h)

Increasing the effectiveness of Sales through analytics and Business Intelligence

Do you struggle with inefficient reports that you not always trust completely? Do you need concise, complete and personalized information on the most important aspects of sales in the Company? Do you expect reports that will allow for detailed sales analysis and identification of problem areas and solutions? During the consultations, our experts will help you deal with it by presenting reporting solutions that allow you to monitor the condition of the company, quick response in case of identification of problems with the implementation of sales and margin plans. Our consultants will share the best practices in sales reporting and increasing sales efficiency based on Business Intelligence and together you will build a report that will help you make key sales decisions.

What will you get out of it?

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  • Your own sales report that will help you improve your department's operations
  • Know how of creating comprehensive and transparent sales reports
  • Best practices that you will use in your daily work
  • Information on which tools are best for you and some tips on how to use them
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‎‏‏Duration: 8h
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  1. Introduction
  2. Explaining the process of collecting sales information from various sources, their aggregation and clear presentation
  3. Tools to help with the registration of sales and marketing process and its results
  4. Working with a consultant - practical workshops on process and tools
  5. How to analyze sales data from various sources and make decisions based on them
  6. Tools for working on data - reports 
  7. Working with a consultant - building your own report

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