Finance – Analytics and BI (3h)

Introduction to effective use of analytics and Business Intelligence in Finance

If your Company or Department has huge amounts of data to analyze, distributed in various, unconnected IT systems designed to collect data, but not adapted to their processing, you probably struggle with analyzing them effectively, in quickly and easily way.

The solution is Business Intelligence - dedicated to all areas of business activity, from sales and marketing, through risk management to operational procedures. Thanks to that, it is possible to effectively analyze historical data and on this basis manage the future - planning, budgeting and analyzing future trends. Our consultants will share the best practices in reporting in Finance and increasing efficiency based on Business Intelligence.

What will you get out of it?

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  • Know how of creating comprehensive and transparent business reports and present them in convincing form
  • Best practices that you will use in your daily work
  • Information on which tools are best for you and some tips on how to use them
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‎‏‏Duration: 3h
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  1. Introduction
  2. Explaining the process of collecting business information from various sources, their aggregation and clear presentation
  3. Tools to help with the registration of selected business process and its results
  4. Working with a consultant - practical workshops on process and tools

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