Understanding layout

How people process data on a report page highly depends on some factors such as layout of the page or visual hierarchy. In this short article I’d like to share with you some tips how you can improve UX in BI reports or dashboards by keeping in mind some design ground rules and good practices. […]

From cave paintings through hieroglyphs and movies to report design

To begin with visual data storytelling we have to first answer the question „what is storytelling itself?” and how it can be implemented into design and data visualisations? We’re a very social species and our communication skills grew up over 10 000 years so it seems that there is a lot to cover, but let’s focus […]

Color vision deficiency and data visualization

Designing a report that has good UX and looks great is a hard task to accomplish. Color palette of our choice should not only look cool and modern, but also should help the end user better understand the data, highlight key information and guide user’s eye on the report page. That task might become even […]

How Mars became green

Clouds on Mars, a Polish BI company working with global clients around the world and focusing on Microsoft technologies, became Carbon Negative. Interview with Dominik Kaczmarek, CEO of Clouds on Mars. Clouds on Mars are not only Best in Modern BI but Carbon Negative as well. Can you explain what Carbon Negative is? That’s true. […]