Fighting air pollution with data and AI

    Clouds on Mars is not only Best in Modern BI, working with enterprise clients around the world and focusing on Microsoft technologies, but we are Carbon Negative as well. We are fully aware of impact on environment that comes with running a business, that is way they decided to eliminate whole carbon footprint […]

Useful tools for report design

In today’s article I’d like to show you some examples of tools (other than Power BI) that you can incorporate into your report or dashboard design process and benefit quite a lot from. Using these tools you can improve overall look of your product and also make your life easier by working more effective. I […]

The art of data visualization

I want to talk about data visualisation today and raise the subject of how we can improve our data case studies. I want to show you one of my favourite data presentation. In this case, non interactive report –  a book, The Annual Report of the ERGO Hestia Group made by Hanna Piotrowska (Dyrcz).   […]

Data filtering and interactions in modern BI reports

Power BI reports are much more advanced than classical, static BI reports when we’re talking interactivity. Our design should encourage user to click around and “play” with the visuals in order to find new insights and better understand the data behind it. Of course, it doesn’t mean we should enable all available cross filtering features […]

UX&UI – What’s the difference?

Maybe it’s only me but I often see that „UX/UI Designer” fraze is used like a magic spell on clients. What do I mean by that? From mine perspective, still many people can’t see the difference between those two subjects of design and today I want to give you a short explanation.       […]

Problematic charts in data visualization – pros and cons

We all have specific preferences when it comes to certain charts and visuals. I know a lot of people love using piecharts and at the same time some people hate them. There aren’t strict rules  about what chart to use, however some work best in given scenario, others not so much. You have to be […]

Choosing the right direction of your story

In my last article I was talking about how story is important and how we can visualise it in report design. Today I want to take a step back and show you that every story starts from simple „why and what?”   Before you start designing you should ask client or end user some questions […]

Power Apps: Planning phase

Would you like to create your first business application in PowerApps, but don’t know where to start? Whether you’re a businessperson who has never participated in a software project before, or you’re a professional developer who wants to use Power Apps to simplify solutions – in our collection of articles you will find information about […]

Power Apps: Design phase

In our last article in the power apps for business series, we discussed the process of planning work to create an application. Today we come to the specifics – the design phase. Application design is a very important part of the process where we begin to identify the activities that will be created in the […]

Designing CTA buttons and navigation strategies

Let’s talk about buttons. They seem like ordinary, insignificant part of user interface that we see everyday and we’re so used to. But still, there is quite a lot to talk about and there are some ground rules and best practices that every designer should know and follow. In today’s article I’ll try to introduce […]