Analytics In A Day (4h)

Creating full BI solution without coding

If you need knowledge of the holistic approach to BI solutions ,if you would like to understand modern ways of its development, we would love to invite you to our workshops. Our experts will show you a sample BI project from the moment you acquire the data to its presentation in Power BI. If you are interested in digital transformation in your company, improving the use of analytics and you need comprehensive knowledge about end-to-end BI in a nutshell, then this workshop is perfect for you.

What will you get out of it?

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  • Understanding of how modern BI solutions are implemented
  • Knowledge how to build fully functional data extraction, transformation and load process
  • Learn how to build simple solutions using Azure with zero code approach
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‎‏‏Czas trwania: 4h
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  1. Introduction to Azure and Power BI
  2. Presentation of the Azure’s components and architecture
  3. Configuration of the environement
  4. Configuraton of the Data Flows
  5. Building the report

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