HR Analytics and BI (8h)

Increasing the effectiveness of HR departments through analytics and Business Intelligence

How to delegate tasks remotely and not only? How to follow their execution and register work? We will show how to build practical reports and analyses that will allow us to obtain key information such as simulation of remuneration and employment, analyse costs of particular positions and calculate the effectiveness of work and competences of our employees. During these workshops we will show you the tools that can be used in planning and settling tasks, teach you how to use them and pass on the so-called best practices in this area. In addition, we will build a joint report, which will facilitate making key decisions in the company related to employees.

What will you get out of it?

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  • Your own HR report that will help you streamline your department
  • Knowledge how to create transparent simulations of salaries, employment and others
  • Best practices that you will use in your daily work
  • Information which tools are the best and a few tips on how to use them
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‎‏‏Duration: 8h
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  1. Introduction
  2. Explaining the process of delegating and accounting for employees' tasks
  3. Tools to help you register and account for your work
  4. Working with a consultant - practical workshops on process and tools
  5. HR data on how to analyse them and make decisions based on them
  6. Tools for working on data - reports
  7. Working with a consultant - building your own report

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